Hurricane Season

Florida Hurricane Information Technology Preparation

When a hurricane approaches, preparation is key for IT equipment. During a hurricane there is risk of water and electrical damage.  Preparing backups before a hurricane is expected to hit should be your priority. It is common practice to have at least three backup systems. At Integrity we keep two backups onsite, another is stored […]

Outsourcing Your Revenue Cycle Department

Outsourcing Your Revenue Cycle Department Makes Good Cents

With the substance use disorder industry in a state of flux, outsourcing your revenue cycle department is something that should be discussed, explored and considered – especially if you have under 200 beds and are relying on a staff of less than five people to get the job done.
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The Poppy Flower: A Memorial Day remembrance and an epidemic

The weather is finally breaking in the northeast. Over the weekend, I was out and about and ran into some veterans collecting donations as Memorial Day is approaching. I always make a donation, for it is their sacrifices that allow me to live a life of freedom today! I did not have any cash and told them I would be back. When I came out of the store they were gone. I felt terrible that I missed the opportunity to donate and thank them for their service. I walked out into the parking lot and found them loading their car. I gratefully handed them my donation and said, “thank you for your service, it is your service that allows me to live a free life today.” They said wait! Let us give you a poppy. Being a heroin addict in recovery I said “that’s ok, don’t worry about it.” They insisted and I did not want to dishonor their tradition. It is a pretty flower after all, even if it’s meaning is very different to me. Read more

Cybercrime Threats

The Shocking Truth Behind Cybercrime Threats And What You Can Do About Them Now

Today’s technological innovations have empowered small businesses to do things that would have been utterly unimaginable even 15 years ago. To remain competitive in a constantly shifting landscape, we’ve become more dependent on software and hardware to house even the most basic structures of the companies we run.

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Why Do Celebrities Get a Stigma Free Pass for Addiction and Mental Health Issues?

The list of celebrity deaths from drug use and overdose is long, as this memorial wall illustrates. From Elvis Presley to Prince, Marilyn Monroe to Michael Jackson, there is a price to fame. Whether it be the pressure of too much attention, the lack of privacy, loneliness at the top, or feeling undeserving of it all, being a celebrity has its pitfalls and downsides, oftentimes leading to self-medication in the form of addictive substances as a means to cope.
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4 Tips to Ensure Fear Won't Destroy Your Business

4 Tips To Ensure Fear Won’t Destroy Your Business

Fear can be a good thing if it keeps us from stepping too close to the edge of a cliff or motivates us to dodge out of the way of a speeding car. But in business, you shouldn’t let fear dictate the core of your decision-making process. Here are four ways to manage your fear, move through it and make the best possible calls for the future of your company.

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Many Pathways to Recovery

Many Pathways to Recovery

Historically, people with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) seeking the help of a treatment center were frequently criticized when exploring their uniqueness. 12-step groups were once the only acceptable support program, and often centers would require a client to attend 12-step meetings, even if the client voiced a desire to chose an alternative fellowship.

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