5…..4….3…2..1. Calm

Most people would agree they don’t enjoy change. Sudden unexpected transitions are much less tolerable. Covid-19 is causing big and small changes to everyone’s daily lives. On top of the obvious stressors like worrying about your health and economic instability, people are being forced to adjust their daily routines.

Personally, I am a ritualistic and methodical person. Simple consistencies in everyday life help me feel comfortable and secure. Being forced to wait in lines at the grocery store, having trouble finding everyday items, and not being able to safely interact with people are additional stressors throwing off my inner balance.

When fear or anxiety take over mental barriers are put in place and simple tasks become incomprehensible. In overwhelming situations, it is near impossible to look at a situation objectively. When this happens slowing down and taking a step back from the situation is a good first step to return to a healthy inner balance.

There are several grounding techniques that can help anyone distance themselves from things that are currently overwhelming them. It can be as simple as focusing on your breathing or a consistent noise like a ticking clock. For some people feeling something tangible like a piece of cloth or a worry stone and then focusing intently on how it feels helps.

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