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What is Revenue Cycle Management?

According to RevenueXL, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is a financial process used by healthcare practices to maximize the total patient service revenue generated by the practice as quickly as possible. This is achieved by managing and optimizing all the administrative and clinical functions contained in the revenue cycle. The RCM services for your facility will ensure accuracy and a results-oriented approach. The primary goals are to ensure accurate and efficient payment for healthcare services, minimize denied claims, and improve revenue collection. When your claims are handled accurately, and the bills are paid in full and on time, we have maximized your revenue and cash flow.

Solving Your RCM Issues

Do you need help identifying missing information and confirming insurance details before patient visits? Integrity Billing addresses these variables to minimize the likelihood of claim hold-ups.

Integrity makes informed, data-driven decisions to improve documentation and coding quality. Our comprehensive suite of RCM services is customized for each client. Integrity’s experienced team of experts serves as an extension of your business office, providing a specialized approach tailored to your needs.

We will study your performance benchmarking, root cause analysis, predictive analytics, and review operational improvements in a timely manner. We provide you with the insightful data that will help you understand your revenue cycle performance more clearly. We will identify underpaid claims and work towards recovering lost revenue. You will notice that we aggressively follow-up on unpaid claims. Once your facility begins working with Integrity, you will see a decrease in claim errors and denials.

Enhanced Compliance

RCM helps medical practices like yours stay compliant with the numerous healthcare regulations. This reduces the risk of financial penalties and legal issues. Integrity understands the importance of protecting your behavioral health or mental health facility and your patients’ data. We wholeheartedly comply with every regulation to ensure compliance.

Your Reporting Package

Integrity provides you with a standard package of monthly reports that cover various aspects of your facility’s performance. These comprehensive reports include both high-level summaries and itemized details on charges, payments, and aging receivables. By analyzing these reports, you can gain a clear understanding of your revenue cycle performance and make informed decisions to improve your facility’s financial health.

From insurance verification and prior authorization to the final payment of a balance, we can help you simplify your revenue cycle management processes. Let’s set you up for success. Contact Integrity Billing today at 561-355-5640.

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A Testimonial We Are Proud Of

We work with substance use disorder facilities that provide drug and alcohol treatment services.  SONTX is a non-profit center, certified as a 501(c)(3) organization. Integrity Billing has a long-standing history of partnering with SUD and Mental Health (MH) facilities which proves to be an invaluable asset when working with SONTX. Chrisina Nichols of Solutions of North Texas located in Denton, TX  tells us about her experience changing to services with Integrity Billing. “In 2018 we needed to find another Third-Party Vendor for the Insurance Claims Billing/Utilization Management portion of our Substance Abuse Outpatient Clinical Services and were referred to Integrity Billing Co. After speaking with Eric and Denise and a couple of other facilities that use their services-we contracted with them.”


Christina feels confident she made the right decision switching the substance use treatment facility to Integrity. She states, “From the beginning Integrity Billing has worked diligently for us through effective and timely communication. Integrity Billing Co. goes out of their way to help answer questions and resolve issues we may have with insurance providers. Even being a small facility, they make us feel just as important as a large volume client.” That is our way of working; you will see our attention to detail and leaving no stone unturned.


She concluded her review with the following, “Everyone at Integrity Billing has been amazing to work with and we hope to continue our working relationship with them for years to come.” We are happy to work with our clients long term.


Our COO Denise Corbisiero says, “It is almost impossible to find someone within a 100-mile radius that hasn’t heard of Solutions of North Texas, SONTX for short, and the amazing work they do in their community.  Collaborating with SONTX feels like working with a close family friend that you’ve known for years.”

Integrity works so closely with its clients which are deeply rooted Substance Use Disorder (SUD) centers.  Speaking of SONTX, Corbisiero states, “We highly doubt anyone has ever been turned away because they couldn’t afford the services. The owners, Scott and Leslie Wisenbaker along with the Operations Manager, Christina, make sure to supplement their insurance revenue with generous grants and donations.”

Expert Addiction Treatment Billing 


The team at Integrity advocates for you with a deep understanding of the behavioral health and addiction treatment industries. Our work goes far beyond billing with on demand reports and collections. We are your partner. We support your facility with comprehensive, end-to-end billing services. How does that sound?


Integrity is proud to be fully immersed in the behavioral health community as our team members understand its unique billing and reimbursement complexities. Taking care of your account is done with expertise, ingenuity and integrity.


Expect More- You Can Count On Us


We want to work with your facility next. Don’t hesitate to reach out and see what it is like to have a diligent team working for you and taking care of the issues with insurance providers. We can be reached at 561-355-5640.