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Code of Ethics Policy

Integrity Billing Code of Ethics Policy

I. Introduction

Integrity Billing Company, LLC is a privately held organization serving the behavioral health industry. We commit ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct. We act with integrity; we treat others with respect and dignity; we carefully steward our resources; we avoid conflicts of interest or commitment; we maintain confidentiality; and we comply with legal and professional obligations. We are individually accountable for our own actions, and we are collectively accountable for upholding these standards of behavior and complying with all applicable laws, policies, standards, and regulations. We understand that, beyond the general ethical principles outlined in this document, we may be subject to additional rules of conduct specific to our respective roles within the community.

II. Acting with Integrity

We seek to be people who are honorable, forthright, and upright at all times. Our commitment to integrity demands more than mere satisfaction of legal and ethical obligations, although we comply with the law and conform to the highest standards of ethical conduct. Our commitment to integrity means that we actively discern what is right from what is wrong; that what we do flows directly from who we are; that we seek consistency between our inner self and our outward conduct. We value people; we speak the truth; we have the courage of our convictions; and we keep our commitments. We do not condone any form of dishonesty – such as fraud or theft.

III. Treating Others with Respect and Dignity

As members of the community, we are committed to principles of equality and fairness. We do not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of any status or condition protected by applicable federal or state law. We seek to hire and promote persons who support the goals and mission of our company. We respect the inherent worth of each member of the community. We do not engage in any forms of harassment of others. Those in positions of authority, including owners, administrators, supervisors, and co-workers exercise their authority fairly and appropriately.

IV. Stewarding Resources

We are good stewards of the resources entrusted to us – both ours and those of our clients. We prepare accurate and clear reports about those resources. Our resources are reserved for business purposes. We exercise reasonable judgment in the use of these resources, acting with care and prudence. We do not use any of these resources for personal gain.
We prepare correct and clear financial records and research reports. All entries in all financial records and accounts accurately reflect each transaction. In reporting on these resources, we do not hide, conceal, or mislead; and we promptly report such misconduct when it is discovered.

V. Avoiding Conflicts of Interest and Commitment

We do not have direct or indirect interests or commitments, financial or otherwise, which conflict with the proper discharge of our duties to our clients. The primary professional allegiance of all our employees lies with Integrity Billing and the advancement of its mission. We do not solicit or accept any gift, service, or favor that might reasonably influence the discharge of our duties or that we know or should know is being offered with the intent to influence our official conduct. We do not accept other employment or engage in business or professional activities outside of Integrity when such work might reasonably cause real or apparent conflicts of interest or conflicts of commitment. We do not transact business in our official capacity with any business entity of which we are an officer, agent, or member, or in which we own a substantial interest without the explicit prior knowledge and approval of our owners. We disclose potential conflicts of interest to the appropriate owner or supervisor as soon as possible after we realize that a conflict may have arisen.

VI. Maintaining Confidentiality

We observe and respect the confidentiality rights of all other members of the community, and this duty continues even after we are no longer affiliated with the organization. This right of confidentiality applies to all personal, financial, health-related, personnel, or other non-public information protected either by law or by company policy. However, the right does not preclude the consensual release of information or the disclosure of information within our company when there is a legitimate need for its disclosure. Email or other uses of the computers, servers or computer network are for business purposes and are not presumed confidential. Additional information is located in Integrity Billing’s Internet, Email & Computer Use Policy.

VII. Complying with Legal and Professional Obligations

We comply with all state and federal laws and conform to the highest standards of professional conduct. We transact all of our business in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and company policies and procedures. We do not misrepresent our status or authority in our dealings with others. We are governed by standards specific to our profession and we adhere to such professional standards.

VIII. Maintaining the Integrity of the Community

In order to maintain the integrity of the community, we report observed or suspected violations of this Code of Ethics with a spirit of fairness, honesty, and respect for the rights of others. Those who report alleged misconduct and those against whom allegations are reported are afforded all rights provided by company policies, as well as all applicable state and federal laws. Those who are found to have violated this code will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. Information about reporting violations of this code may be discussed with our Chief Operations Officer.

IX. Conclusion

We are governed by an ethos of care and respect, virtues that transcend the provisions of this code. With this in mind, we seek to maintain the highest ethical standards in our individual and collective endeavors.

Eric, Denise & Dr. Lobby