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Billing Services for the Substance Abuse Provider Industry

Recovery Center, Rehab, and Behavioral Health RCM & Billing Solutions

Seamless, sustainable revenue management is critical to the success of your organization. Integrity’s comprehensive billing services will help you succeed while providing quality patient care. As a family-owned business with decades of experience, Integrity specializes in managing every detail of administrative and billing procedures for substance abuse providers, while keeping the big picture in sight – your patients’ well-being and long-term sobriety.

Our Services

Navigate the complexities of healthcare billing with our Advisory & Forensic Assessment services. We provide expert guidance and thorough assessments to ensure your billing practices are compliant and efficient.

Experience the power of automation with i-bot™, our proprietary billing software. It streamlines your billing processes, increases efficiency, and enhances behavioral health RCM (revenue cycle management).

Trust in our Expert Billing services for substance abuse providers to manage your billing needs. Our team of professionals ensures accurate coding, timely claim submission, and effective denial management.

Specializing in Adolescent Billing, we understand the unique challenges of this field. We ensure accurate billing and timely reimbursement for adolescent behavioral health services.

Turn denials into opportunities with our Appeals services. We handle the entire appeals process, from preparation to submission, ensuring maximum revenue recovery.

Our Billing and Coding services ensure accuracy and compliance in your healthcare billing. Our billing services for substance abuse providers handle everything from coding diagnoses and treatments to submitting and following up on claims.

Maximize your revenue with our Collections services. We work all outstanding claims to exhaustion, ensuring the minimum amount of balance billing necessary.

Simplify the complex processes of Contracting and Credentialing with our comprehensive services. We handle everything from provider credentialing to contract negotiation and maintenance.

Transform challenges into opportunities with our Denial Management services. We analyze, correct, and appeal denied claims, ensuring maximum revenue recovery.

Ensure optimal healthcare outcomes with our Utilization Review services. We review medical treatments to confirm coverage, ensuring that patients receive the most appropriate care.

Avoid surprises with our Verification of Benefits services. We verify patient insurance benefits before services are provided, ensuring accurate billing and timely reimbursement.