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Insurance Contracting and Behavioral Health Provider Credentialing

Comprehensive Contracting and Credentialing Services at Integrity Billing Company

Navigating the complex landscape of healthcare requires expertise and precision, especially when it comes to Contracting and Credentialing. These critical processes ensure your healthcare organization, treatment center, or rehab facility is equipped with the necessary agreements with insurance providers and meets all regulatory standards to provide care. At Integrity Billing Company, we leverage our extensive industry experience and in-depth understanding of healthcare provider credentialing and insurance contracting to simplify these processes, allowing you to focus on delivering quality care.

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Why You Need Expert Contracting and Credentialing

Insurance contracting forms the backbone of your relationship with insurance providers. It involves establishing agreements that outline the terms of coverage, reimbursement rates, and billing procedures for healthcare services. A well-negotiated contract can ensure fair compensation for services provided and contribute to a stable revenue cycle.

Credentialing, on the other hand, is a meticulous review process carried out by insurance providers to verify a healthcare provider’s qualifications, training, experience, and competency. Successful behavioral health credentialing is vital for your practice as it allows you to participate in insurance networks, bill for services, and assure patients of the quality of care provided.

The Crucial Role of Contracting and Credentialing

Access to Insurance Networks

Insurance contracting services  and credentialing enable healthcare providers to join insurance networks, broadening the patient base and enhancing revenue.


Behavioral health provider credentialing ensures healthcare providers meet all regulatory and industry standards, ensuring compliance and protecting against potential legal complications.

Patient Trust

Being credentialed reassures patients about the provider’s qualifications and competence, building trust and reputation.

Revenue Maximization

Good insurance contracting services ensure fair and timely reimbursement for services provided, contributing to a healthy revenue cycle.

Our Comprehensive Contracting and Credentialing Services

At Integrity Billing Company, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to manage your insurance contracting and behavioral health provider credentialing needs:

  • Provider Credentialing: Our team conducts thorough preparation and submission of all necessary credentialing applications to insurance providers. We also handle all follow-ups to ensure a successful outcome.
  • Contract Negotiation: We leverage our industry experience and knowledge to negotiate favorable terms in contracts with insurance providers. This includes appropriate reimbursement rates and timely payment terms.
  • Contract Maintenance: We manage all aspects of contract maintenance, including renewals, amendments, and updates to ensure ongoing compliance and positive relationships with insurance providers.
  • Credential Verification: We undertake regular verification of provider credentials to maintain current status with insurance networks and ensure uninterrupted service provision.
  • Compliance Monitoring: We continuously monitor industry regulations and insurance provider requirements to ensure your practice remains compliant.
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Benefits of Partnering with Integrity Billing Company for Contracting and Credentialing


Our deep industry knowledge and experience enable us to effectively navigate the complexities of contracting and credentialing processes.

Time Savings

By entrusting your contracting and credentialing tasks to us, your team can focus on delivering high-quality patient care.


Our thorough understanding of industry regulations and insurance requirements ensures your practice remains compliant, reducing the risk of penalties or legal complications.

Revenue Maximization

Through effective contract negotiation and credentialing, we can help optimize your revenue cycle.

Stress-Free Management

Our comprehensive services take the stress out of contracting and credentialing, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free process.

In the healthcare industry, the contractual relationships between providers, payers, and patients are crucial for the delivery of services and the financial health of the organizations involved. 

There are several types of healthcare contracts, each with its unique characteristics and purposes.

In the healthcare industry, the contractual relationships between providers, payers, and patients are crucial for the delivery of services and the financial health of the organizations involved. 

Fee-for-Service Agreements

This is one of the most traditional types of healthcare contracts. In a Fee-for-Service (FFS) agreement, healthcare providers are reimbursed for each service or procedure they perform. This type of contract encourages volume of services but does not necessarily incentivize quality or efficiency of care.

Pay-for-Performance Contracts

Also known as value-based contracts, Pay-for-Performance (P4P) agreements tie reimbursement to the quality and efficiency of care provided. These contracts often include performance metrics and benchmarks that providers must meet to receive full payment. P4P contracts aim to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Capitation Contracts

In a capitation contract, providers receive a set amount per patient, per unit of time (usually per month), regardless of the number or type of services provided. This type of contract incentivizes efficiency and preventive care but may also lead to under-provision of services.

Shared Savings Contracts

Under shared savings agreements, providers and payers share the financial responsibility for the cost of care. If the cost of care is less than a predetermined amount, the savings are shared between the provider and the payer. This type of contract encourages cost-effective care.

Bundled Payment Contracts

In bundled payment contracts, providers receive a single payment for all services related to a specific treatment or condition. This type of contract encourages coordination of care among providers and efficiency in service delivery.

Risk-Sharing Contracts

Risk-sharing contracts involve providers taking on financial risk related to the cost of care. If the cost of care exceeds a predetermined amount, the provider is responsible for the excess costs. This type of contract incentivizes cost control and efficient care delivery.

Understanding these different types of healthcare contracts is crucial for healthcare providers to navigate the complex landscape of healthcare reimbursement and to negotiate favorable terms with payers. Each type of contract has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of contract type depends on the specific circumstances and strategic goals of the healthcare provider.

Navigating the CAQH Setup Process with Integrity Billing

The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) is a non-profit alliance of health plans and trade associations that aims to simplify healthcare administration. One of their key initiatives is CAQH ProView, an online portal where healthcare providers can submit and update their professional and practice information. This data is then accessible to authorized health plans and healthcare organizations for credentialing purposes.

Navigating the CAQH setup process can be complex and time-consuming, but with Integrity Billing, you have a partner who can guide you through each step. Our team has extensive experience with CAQH and understands the intricacies of the setup process. We assist our clients in creating their CAQH profile, ensuring that all necessary information is accurately represented and up-to-date.

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The first step in the CAQH setup process is registration. This involves entering your personal and professional information, including your National Provider Identifier (NPI), Social Security Number (SSN), and date of birth (DOB). Once this information is entered, you will create a username and password and select three security questions to protect your account.

The next step is to complete your CAQH profile. This involves entering detailed information about your education, training, work experience, and any certifications or licenses you hold. You will also need to provide information about your practice, including the services you offer, your office hours, and your billing practices. It’s essential to be thorough and accurate in this step, as the information you provide will be used by insurance companies to determine your eligibility for their networks.

Once your profile is complete, you will need to authorize access to your information. Only you can grant this access, and it’s crucial to ensure that the right organizations have the ability to view your data. This step involves reviewing a list of participating organizations and selecting those you wish to share your information with.

The final step in the CAQH setup process is attestation. This involves reviewing your information for accuracy and then electronically signing an attestation statement. This statement confirms that the information you have provided is accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge. You will need to re-attest every 120 days to maintain your CAQH profile.

At Integrity Billing, we understand that the CAQH setup process can be daunting.

That’s why we offer comprehensive support to our clients, guiding them through each step and ensuring that their profiles are complete, accurate, and compliant with all CAQH requirements. With our help, you can navigate the CAQH setup process with ease and confidence, ensuring that your practice is well-positioned for success.


Don’t let the complexities of insurance contracting and behavioral health provider credentialing distract you from providing quality patient care. Contact us today and discover how Integrity Billing Company can support your practice’s success. At Integrity Billing Company, we simplify these processes to bring seamless efficiency to your operations. Our comprehensive services ensure you can focus on patient care, knowing your contracting and credentialing needs are in expert hands. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support your practice’s success.