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Renee Levine

Vice President, Utilization Management

Renee’s career in medical billing began more than 30 years ago, working with physician specialties. Her career has included managing many complex projects, including closing a book of business for several million dollars that was aged over 120 days. In her own words, her drive stems from seeking possibilities, “I didn’t like hearing the word no. No, we won’t pay for this or no we will not approve this.” The thought that an insurance company could have such an impact on a person’s life was egregious to her. She felt compelled to make a difference and left the medical industry.

Renee Levine

In 2013, Renee felt a calling to work with people struggling with addictions. She was fortunate to begin her career with a quite large and reputable recovery center in Palm Beach County. As a Utilization Specialist, she was responsible for obtaining authorizations for outpatient and partial outpatient levels of care. In two short years, Renee was not only promoted to Utilization Manager, she recruited and trained a staff of 13 highly skilled specialists, licensed clinicians, physicians and patient advocates. As a result, she coached both the staff and our clients on how to hone the skill sets necessary to chart clinical records and decipher and incorporate ASAM into the treatment of each individual they are seeing.

In 2015, Renee joined Integrity Billing as Utilization Manager and quickly got to work building our efficient and accomplished team of utilization management specialists. After demonstrating outstanding and impactful leadership, it was clear that Renee belonged on the Executive Team. She is well-phrased in all aspects of the Integrity Billing operation. Her duties as Vice President include overseeing all aspects of operations, although her focus and passion remains with the Utilization department. Renee is a dedicated and loyal leader. You will find her hard at work along with all the members of the team. She is tenacious and steadfast and has taught many staff the art of Utilization Management. Her advocacy for the patient and the facilities that Integrity Billing serves is unapparelled. Approved, Yes. Paid, Yes. She can also often be heard saying, “Tell me what you have, not what you don’t have.”

In her free time, Renee enjoys spending time with her husband and dog Jack walking the nature trails in the state parks of Chester County, Pennsylvania, admiring the wildlife and peaceful serenity.