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Sean McDonald

Supervisor of Billing, Collections and Benefits

As the Supervisor of Billing, Collections and Benefits, Sean is responsible for overseeing staff members responsible for delivering services related to claim entry, collections and health benefits. His previous experience in a variety of administrative roles at substance use disorder centers has included Behavioral Health Technician, Patient Financial Counselor, Billing and Collections Specialist and Senior Collector. He has an impressive knowledge of operations for various other industries as well.

Sean relocated from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Palm Beach in 2014. Prior to his extensive experience in behavioral health, Sean held positions in food service and customer service where he most enjoyed dealing with people. Regardless of the industry, the passion that drives Sean is effecting change.

Sean McDonald

In 2014, Sean was pursued by a large local Substance Use Disorder (SUD) treatment center to assist in a complex and hefty collections project. Among Sean’s many successes was the collection of over $130,000 worth of claims that had aged for more than two years. Sean realized that he thoroughly enjoyed working in both the SUD and the finance industries.

In 2016, Sean’s talents caught the eye of an entrepreneur looking to develop a chemical dependency treatment for under privileged and underserved persons in Granada, Nicaragua. Without hesitation, he accepted and spent an entire year assisting in the launch of a 501(c) that is still operating today. Sean still visits frequently and is quite proud of all the lives this agency continues to affect.

When he returned to Florida, Sean began working with Integrity Billing as a claim’s specialist. It became clear that he was readily able to resolve very complex denials but also was a great support to the staff. His patience, calm demeanor and thoughtful guidance are character traits that the Integrity team most admires.

When he is not addressing collections and billing reconciliation, Sean is an avid jewelry maker. He can often be found training at a local gym, scuba diving, painting and traveling.