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A Day in the Life of a Collector

A collector employed by Integrity Billing Company is a tenacious, insightful, detail-oriented, and persistent individual. Jane works at Integrity Billing; arriving at 8:30 in the morning ready to work. She immediately checks in with the Benefits department to offer assistance to an abundance of Verification of Benefits (VOB) requests. After she wraps up her VOBs, she immediately begins reviewing that morning’s EFT payments issued by major insurance companies, Medicaid, Medicare, and others.

Carefully examining as she posts, Jane searches for inconsistencies or discrepancies, taking note of any claims that need to be addressed. Sure, a computer could enter the payments and save her time, but at Integrity Billing, we appeal every inconsistent payment, regardless of the reason:  an incorrect deductible or coinsurance, a low payment, a short payment, or any other type of insurance payer error.  Jane is a member of the Integrity Billing team for her critical thinking. Jane is a member of the elite team of lead collectors at Integrity Billing.

Next Jane pulls a report of all claims outstanding, organizing and prioritizing the order she’ll work them. While on the phone with various insurance companies Jane works as a human lie detector, knowing exactly when to challenge the information she is being given by the health plan representative. She also knows when requesting a supervisor is appropriate. Jane spends her day advocating from the provider’s stance.  Armed with the information the health plan provided she then measures the situation, choosing the most effective way to solve the puzzle; whether it be submitting a corrected claim, writing an appeal, or continuing to verbally dispute the issue with her adversary. These intricate measures are some of the few actions Jane takes to ensure that the provider is receiving accurate payment for the services they provided. This is only a fraction of what makes Jane, and the other collectors at Integrity Billing the crème de’ le’ crème of behavioral health collectors.

Not everyone has what it takes to be a Behavioral Health / Mental Health elite collector. One needs to have the ability to remain resilient so one can continue to push forward despite barriers. One needs to be calculated and deliberate, so that a strong and unshakable case can be presented to the opposing side.  Lastly, one needs to be creative, abstract, and able to gauge a situation; so that the problem can be approached from a different perspective when previous efforts fail. These attributes and talents are not possessed by many.  This is strategic daily planning. That’s why the collectors at Integrity Billing are considered Elite.

Without question, if I were a Substance Use Disorder or Mental Health services treatment facility owner, I would want Jane or another “Jane” from the team of elite collectors at Integrity Billing to handle my collections. These are the type of professionals that I would want on my team.

Having seasoned collectors that stand head and shoulders above the rest is one of the many factors Integrity Billing prides itself on. It is a tremendous contributor to what distinguishes us from other revenue cycle management companies and one of the driving forces behind our “Expect More” tagline.


Sean McDonald