New Year Resolutions and Goal Setting How To

What is your new year’s resolution? Setting your resolution up as a goal can help you keep true to yourself and make your resolution “reachable”.

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How to live your life with an attitude of gratitude

The fall season always brings to mind gratitude. We all seem to reflect on gratitude this time of year, perhaps because Thanksgiving prompts us to.  We all have said thank you for…or I am grateful for…but how many actually live with an attitude of gratitude?

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SUD Billing: The art of aligning with your State Regulations & Insurance/Payer Criteria

It is written somewhere that you CAN NOT serve two masters. Well, nowhere is that less true than in the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) industry. In fact, if you are not willing to serve at least two masters, you may not have a center to serve anyone.

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Hurricane Preparedness as a Business

Hurricanes come with many dangers, including high speed winds and heavy rain with the potential to cause massive flooding, power outages and destruction. No matter where you are located or what disaster you are preparing for, you should always be ready for the worst-case scenario.
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Opioid epidemic and the heroin vaccine

“The heroin vaccine is one step closer to clinical evaluation,” says Candy S. Hwang, PhD, first author of the study and a research associate at TSRI.

With approximately 10 people overdosing an hour in this country, it’s hard for anyone not to be optimistic about the prospect of a heroin vaccine.
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How to move your office and keep your customers happy

As we approach the Ribbon Cutting for our recent move of our office to our new location I was reflecting on the journey of the last 18 months. Yes 18 months! Are you planning to move your office? –  It’s a great idea to start at least a year in advance. Scouting for property is the easy part, my business partner will assure you of that.  However, the buildout, planning, architects, contractors, and IT are significant decisions that cannot be made hastily if you want to move without interrupting your service.

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Increase Your Odds of Winning at the Payer’s Table

Increase your odds of winning at the payer’s table by using Integrity Billing’s premiere
Revenue Cycle Management services. Expect more from Integrity Billing

You shouldn’t feel like you’re gambling when submitting your behavioral health claims. Unfortunately, that is exactly what it can feel like when trying to obtain payments for services rendered in the behavioral health billing industry.  Much like playing roulette, the insurance companies like to play a game of odds, hoping that you will give up on denied claims, even when a service should be covered.  It seems that the odds are always tipped in the payer’s favor.  There is a saying in the world of gambling: “The house always wins.”  While that is true in gambling it does not necessarily mean that this needs to be the case in the for your treatment center billing.

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Falling Into Recovery

In honor of Alcohol Awareness Month I had asked my Friend “Sam I Am” to write his story; what he was like, what happened, and what he is like now. You see, once sober, Sam took to the act of service as so many of us do in recovery. Working in the Behavioral Health field I continually meet colleagues who share their story, their journey that brought them to sobriety, and a life being fulfilled by working in recovery. Read more

How SMART is your chart? Systematic Methodical Articulate Recorded Treatment

With the insurance payers requesting medical records at an alarming rate, it is critical that the client chart complies with multiple levels of requirements.  Most centers are now serving three masters:  State Regulations, Accreditation Requirements and Payer’s inconsistent criteria.  Facilities’ and Center’s Policies and Procedures should include routine chart audits conducted by a compliance officer, peer reviewers and even third-party consultants. It’s that IMPORTANT!  Claim reimbursement is often contingent on a payer reviewing the chart to determine if it meets medical necessity. Read more

Integrity Billing Supporting the Arts in our Community

At Integrity Billing, we value fully engaging in the communities where we live and work. One way we do this is by supporting local organizations that provide services to improve the lives of area residents, with a particular focus on education, healthcare, recovery and the arts. Read more