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When it comes to Verification of Benefits, just ok is not ok!

Your current medical insurance verification software might be ok, but what if you could also:

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Reduce the time spent waiting for results/verification
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Receive alerts
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Receive full benefit information anywhere
That’s why we partnered with a top Fortune 500 insurance verification software development company to bring you our proprietary Verification of Benefits portal – i-bot™

Integrity Billing introduces i-bot™ – an innovative solution-based technology platform designed to address the many concerns of healthcare providers related to safeguarding patient information, unreasonable response times from other Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) companies and a lack of outcomes and analytics related to Verification of Benefits (VOB). i-bot™ addresses the many frustrations experienced by behavioral health facility admission and treatment center billing departments all over the United States.

Imagine that in less than one minute anyone on your team can submit a request for benefits from anywhere that has internet access. Utilizing a smart phone, PC or any device with a web browser, obtaining VOB for your potential admission is rapid, responsive and reliable through i-bot™. To address HIPAA compliance concerns, information sent through i-bot™ is guaranteed secure through end to end encryption.

With i-bot™ VOB, there is no longer a need for encrypted emails, password protected or secured documents or risking hefty fines and patient data integrity in the name of speed. Integrity Billing has the treatment center billing solution for your team.

Once you submit a request, a confirmation receipt with information about the specialist completing the verification is sent back in real time. When medical insurance verification is complete, the requestor will receive an alert. Every completed verification is stored on a private portal for each facility. With easy access to stored verifications, reporting available for many of the critical data points collected on the VOB and the level of expertise of our staff personnel completing the live VOB through i-bot™, your admissions team has more time to focus on the individual, not the process. You expect more from treatment center billing services, and we deliver.

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