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Denise Corbisiero

Chief Operating Officer

A businesswoman by nature, Denise was promoted to General Manager of a large call center in Fort Lauderdale at only 24 years old. At that time, call centers were focused on product fulfillment and after-hours telework that is mostly sent overseas now. She was given a small partnership in 1994 and by 1997 the business was sold.

Having achieved her own recovery in 1988, Denise longed to be a part of the substance use disorder (SUD) field. She began employment at the oldest half-way house turned treatment center in Broward County. She spent much of the next decade working in the non-profit sector in Broward and Pinellas counties.

Denise Corbisiero

Crossing over to for-profit SUD treatment was arduous, but very rewarding. At the time, there was little information on parity and even less on billing insurance for SUD. Denise credits her wonderful mentors and many of the earlier insurance care managers with educating her on the inner framework of commercial insurances, Medicare and Medicaid. Having held various positions such as Business Office Manager, Deputy Director, Compliance Manager, Utilization Review Manager and Intake Coordinator, her career now spans decades – with proficiencies in virtually every aspect of both 501(c)3 and for-profit substance use disorder and mental health centers.

Denise and Eric met working at a treatment center in Palm Beach. Tasked with bringing the billing in house, Eric and Denise spent much of their working hours deciphering the irony of insurance billing. Eric shared with Denise his hope was that one day they would own their own behavioral health billing company. That day came in October 2014, when Denise joined Eric and Nancy as a full partner of Integrity Billing.

As Integrity Billing’s Chief Operating Officer, Denise has worked relentlessly to provide the highest caliber of service a treatment center can receive. Her drive for excellence coupled with her innate understanding of every nuisance of your center will be obvious the moment you meet her. She is experienced and astute in the complicated intricacies of SUD billing and is honored to be regarded as an industry expert by her peers.