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Michael Tallia

Revenue Cycle Analytics Manager

As Revenue Cycle Analytics Manager, Michael’s primary duties include preparing all RCM reporting and analytics both internally and directly for clients, evaluation of billing/collections processes and efficacy and management of our client portals.

Prior to joining the Integrity Billing Team, Michael’s venture into the substance use disorder revenue cycle work began at the largest private treatment center in Palm Beach County; perhaps the entire state of Florida. Michael joined Integrity Billing in 2018 when that company was acquired.

Michael Tallia

Michael initially joined Integrity Billing as the revenue cycle manager. Given his skill set for analyzing data, knowledge of software programming and his ability to foresee which information is both logical and important to our clients, it was immediately clear that he would be a perfect fit for our revenue cycle analytics manager position.

Michael has played an integral role in the management, development and implementation of our proprietary software, “i-bot™,” a benefits verification platform. He continues to manage development of the entire client portal. Michael has been a vital part of countless contributions to the entire revenue management cycle for our clients. He continues to strive to improve daily workflows – both internally and externally – through analytics and collaboration with the management team of Integrity Billing and the centers we serve. Michael moved to Florida in 2014, from Cape Cod, MA, and has a passion for software and web development that he pursues outside of the office.