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Coding of Behavioral Health Billing

Behavioral health services include psychology, psychiatry, and clinical social work. Running a behavioral health facility has several responsibilities to its patients.  One of the very important responsibilities includes having accurate coding in the billing department. This can prove to be a challenge for some clinics that begin to struggle with the gaps of day-to-day medical coding. Per Integrity’s COO Denise Corbisiero, “Let us remember that behind every accurate claim is a person seeking healing and support, deserving nothing less than our utmost diligence and integrity.”

Solve Problems Proactively

Reduce your staffing challenges with outsourced coding services from Integrity Billing. Build an experienced and dedicated remote professional team without the overhead and risk.You will notice that the quality of the data and also reimbursement will be improved. Integrity provides code-specific clinical information and takes measures to ensure correct coding of procedures. We take care of verifying benefits and submitting claims as well as posting payments and invoicing clients. Corbisiero says that accuracy in behavioral health billing is not just a matter of financial. She states, “It reflects the partnership between Integrity Billing’s work and the treatment center’s commitment to providing quality care. Precision in billing ensures that the true nature of the services rendered is captured, enabling proper and fair reimbursement and, more importantly, fostering trust and accountability with the patients, health plans, and our industry as a whole.”

Each year new codes are created, some revised, and others deleted. Rest assured, we keep up with 2023 CPT and HCPCS code changes of your specialty that impact your practice. Integrity Billing’s coders are able to interpret clinical documentation and observe complex CPT guidelines. Fortunately, you will not be blindsided with your revenue cycle management performance.

Our Forensic Assessment

Let us perform a complimentary forensic assessment for your practice. We take a look at your practice to see if there are any potential revenue streams or revenue cycle management discrepancies.Moving forward, Integrity Billing will conduct evaluations of your billing. We are proud to assist several mental health service providers in maximizing their revenue potential in a swift manner. We are abiding and up to date on HIPPA’s regulations when it comes to behavioral health billing and coding.

Need Medical Coding?

Struggling to ensure optimum revenue cycle management? Please reach out to Integrity Billing if your behavioral health clinic is open to outsourcing coding services. See why Integrity Billing is trusted by dozens of behavioral health clinics. We can be reached at (561) 355-5640.

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