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When To Use Code 99214

Use Code 99214 for patients with moderate complexity of treatment. The visit is completed within 30-39 minutes according to AMA (American Medical Association). Furthermore, use this code during a visit with an established patient that has a progressing illness or acute injury requiring medical management or potential surgical treatment. Integrity reviews your practice’s coding to ensure that your data accurately reflects current clinical practice and any innovation in medicine. 

Don’t Apply The Wrong Code

Putting the incorrect code on the patient file can mean that your practice is under-representing or over-representing the level of care provided.  Furthermore, you could be missing out on higher reimbursement rates.  Don’t make that costly mistake. The 99214 calls for moderate-complexity medical decision making. Per the AMA, “CPT code set reflects the coding demands of digital health, precision medicine, augmented intelligence and other aspects of a modern health care system.”

Have you been coding “routine” office visits 99213 or 99214? Let Integrity Billing look over your level 4 visits to determine if the visits are properly coded. We identify the correct level of the visit with a few questions such as “Was the total time with the established patient between 30-39 minutes?”  And another is “Did you order/review level 4 data and manage level 4 risk?”  Our team looks at problems addressed, the data reviewed, and the level of risk documented on file. Make sure your staff is documenting either a detailed history or a detailed exam to support coding 99214.

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