Data Destruction

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and HITECH act (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) compliance are taken very seriously in the healthcare industry. This is rightfully so; the internet is not a safe place for private information. However, policies surrounding HIPPA and HITECH do not start and stop with information that travels through the internet. Information is stored on all sorts of devices including computers, phones, and possibly even fax machines and printers.

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Cybercrime Threats

The Shocking Truth Behind Cybercrime Threats And What You Can Do About Them Now

Today’s technological innovations have empowered small businesses to do things that would have been utterly unimaginable even 15 years ago. To remain competitive in a constantly shifting landscape, we’ve become more dependent on software and hardware to house even the most basic structures of the companies we run.

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Cyber Security

Cyber security, it’s a growing problem

At the rate technology advances at times it seems near impossible to keep up with potential security vulnerabilities.   The Healthcare industry was ranked among the top 5 industries to be targeted by hackers in 2016.¹ This is not surprising when you consider the value and amount of information needed for the industry to properly function.  Although HIPAA has a set of rules for electronic privacy and security they are often not enough. Read more